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Thread Lubes


Jet Lube




Koper Kote

Copper Flaked thread lube

Copper flake/Graphite/Rust inhibitors

Lead Free

Best Seller

Koper Kote


Environmentally Safe thread lube

Metal Free

Containing carbon based fibers and anti-wear additives

Sticks extremely well to wet threads

Brush on right over Koper Kote







Economically minded thread lube

Contains copper flake, amorphous graphite, extreme-pressure additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors and other

special-purpose ingredients at lower doses to be used in less severe

drilling applications.




Brush for Thread Lube

Tapered bristles helps put lube on threads Hand Shield keeps lube off your hands

Brush for Thread Lube

MSDS Facts

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    Kov'r-Kote Artice MSDS   Kopr-Kote Water Well MSDS