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Pilot Bits


Roller Cone Bits

Hard Rock Bits for those tough jobs

Carbide Buttons, Sealed Bearings

New & ReRun

5 ½” and larger

Roller Cone Bits

Eagle Claw

Ideal for Hard Rocky soil

Field replaceable cutters

2” IF, 2 3/8 Reg.

2 7/8 Reg., 3 ½ Reg.

Eagle Claw

Iron Fist

This thick tough bit with carbide buttons and thick hard facing is ideal for



Iron FirstIron First


Bolt-On Bit Bodies

Allows use of a blade bit on your threaded housing

2”IF., 2 3/8”Reg., 2 7/8”Reg


  Bolt-On Bit BodiesBolt-On Bit Bodies

Single Cone Pilot Bit

Many sizes

2” IF and larger threads

Single Cone Pilot BitSingle Cone Pilot Bit