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Claw Bits

Every driller needs a CLAW bit in their tool arsenal. Exceptional drilling in clay. If your roller cone bit is balling up, our claw bits are the answer.


4 ¾ Claw bit


Claw bit

Claw Bit




6" Claw bit

5 1/2 Claw bit

Claw Bit
Claw Bit

4 ¾    claw bit  2 3/8 reg. pin

6”      claw bit  3 ½ reg. pin

7 7/8 claw bit   4 ½ reg. pin

9 7/8 claw bit   6 5/8 pin

 Claw bits are available in many sizes and styles. Let us help you pick the correct bit for your job.

Claw Bits
Drillers Depot Claw bits are designed to drill clays, gravels, shale's, sand stones and other low compressive strength formations. Teeth and pilots are easily field replaceable.