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Casing Drivers



The Holte Casing Driver was designed to be small and compact as well as hard hitting.

  In operation the Casing Driver works similar to a down hole hammer. When the anvil closes, the Casing Driver starts operating.

  The more the anvil is closed, the harder the Casing Driver hits. This happens when increased air pressure and volume feed the Casing Driver,

which makes the piston operate faster and harder.


140 Casing Driver



5 models to choose from

Casing Driver

Diameter depth Guide

Casing Dia.  Hole Depth  Model#

    6”             0-150’       CD75

    6”-10”        0-400’       CD140

    6”-14”        0-800’       CD350

    10’-20’       0-500’       CD550

    Over 20’      0-500”      CD1000